Patience-Feeling the itch and learning to love the 100 mile belly.

I literally got one week of eating all around me and the 100 mile belly began.  I actually think that’s kinda cruel!  You would think you would get at least a couple of weeks of mindlessly stuffing your face?!

As runners, it seems we finish one race and are already thinking about the next one?  It’s  something we all ask each other , the magic question “So what’s next?”  That constant striving for better, bigger, longer, faster, higher, harder.  Always thinking ahead…..

But what about being here, now, this moment, immediate,  as is.


It’s actually very difficult to put into words that feeling of wanting to get back out, to get cracking at the training again, to get a blast of fresh air and feel the wind in your face but knowing deep down you need to take it easy, eat, restock, rebalance, rejuvenate , be proud of what this body can do and just enjoy the 100 mile success.   It can be very hard thing to do.

I know myself, the minute I stop swimming, running and the bit of weights, its like the body just goes “thewdddd” inflated yet deflated, like a balloon where is air has gone out of…well maybe not so bad but feels that way anyway!.  Jeans get a bit tighter, body feels a bit sluggish, brain feels less sharp and the need to get back really moving is huge.

But,  you also know that you need the break.

You can’t not. 


Generally it takes me 5 weeks to feel the benefit of a race, I know that now and the strenght and power the body gained from this epic journey, it is coming. You just can’t rush it.  

It seems that in any part of our lives, not necessarly just our running life,  where something was hard work, a huge effort put in, where reserves were used and energy spent, with time, a great strenght comes from it but right now every time I pass the Ferro Roches, I pop one in my mouth, I absolutly love them.  I had a skinful of pints the other night (God it was great craic! ) and a spectacular hangover all yesterday, sure why not?!  This morning Ciara and I went and cheered the friends in the Coolgraney 5k and 8k race, itching to be running in it but really right now and just for another few weeks I’ll try to stay patient and be proud of the 100 mile belly.

In fact I am resting my arms on it as I type, it’s quite comfy actually!

Clare xxx


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