Stop.  Breathe.  Take a moment.  A little something from the Kerry Trails in July.

I figure, if you can lace up your runners, throw a map in a waterproof and tip off up the trails behind your camper, well your pretty darn lucky. 

But what does it take for us to realise how lucky we are?
It might end up being the most simplest of things….
So I’m on holidays with the family and normally I wouldn’t actively ‘train’ while away but the wonderful slog-fest that is RAW 50k is looming so there is work to be done!
Huffing and puffing past tourists sitting outside O’Connors Pub in Doolin the other evening, I’m on my 1km on/1km off speed training, up and around the corner, up up up the small roads, the most spectacular views of the Burren and the Aran Islands and I’m watching the watch😬. How fast am I going?!? How high am I climbing?!? How far have I gone?!? Well that’s training for you. 
Now we are in Caherdaniel, Co Kerry. 

This evening, the plan was hill work (basically running to the top with out stopping-I’m terrible for stopping-I know!!)

I jumped on to the Kerry Way trail up at the village and off I took.
Watch on. 

Up and down those hills I went. Thinking -really work hard this evening Clare, RAW is not that far away. Get it done! 
It started off as hill work and finished off as hill work but in between something changed.
I spotted this bench.
I stopped dead. 

And I just sat on it. 
Stop. Breathe. Take a moment.
And I just sat there and thought of all the reasons why I took to the trails in the first place, and it wasn’t necessarily to be red faced and panting on a Saturday evening in Kerry…. (Though I do love it!)
Look out at the sea. Look at the bees. See the colour in the flowers, say hi to the sheep. Lucky.
Experience the beauty of the ruggedness. The peacefulness of the wind. The sun in your face. The rain in your face! Lucky.
The certainty of the uncertain terrain. The soft grass underfoot. The wobbly rock. That cold feeling in your feet when you miss judge a stream and land in it. That sudden feeling when you think your going to fall but don’t. Lucky.
The very special people you meet along the way. Lucky.
That time out of busy life. Super lucky.
And so off I took again, and boy did I work hard, I ran up those hills like a crazy lady and I legged it down them like an even crazier lady (foolish I know after the guts of 6 months recovering from busted ankle… But sure.. It felt great!) 
And so on the way back down I passed the bench again and I thought to myself, that bench is put there to make you stop, breathe and take a moment.
The training got done-but I took a moment.
Go find your bench!



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